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Secret's out - Secrid Wallets

April 22, 2020 1 Comment

Secret's out - Secrid Wallets
Since the start of the Secrid journey in 1997, Secrid founders Rene and Marianne, continued to merge their backgrounds in fashion and product design to create pocket-sized essentials. This once small idea has blossomed into an outright everyday carry revolution, and this little wallet company from the Netherlands helped pioneer it! This longevity in the industry not only comes from making small wallets, but stylish and functional designs that have earned Secrid top design awards. They are driven by smart functional designs; however, their focus is to see the number of happy Secrid fans continue to grow.

Not bad for a “little wallet company”. Despite the well-deserved success and increase in demand, Secrid is still headed by the original founders and their 3 children along with almost 100 colleagues in a renovated industrial warehouse: a big family home serving as creative center for their pocket-sized products and services.

By 2009 the leather industry had practically abandoned the Netherlands in favour of low-income countries. Secrid brought this industry back to Holland, by developing a radically different product and production process, wallets are once again being produced on a large scale in the Netherlands. They have focused on doing this more efficiently and cleaner than ever, in a quantity never before seen in Holland.

Clearly, this once small company from Holland is holding on to the fundamentals of what originally brought them success and continue to ensure each Secrid wallet stands up to their promise of function, design and quality. Today, Secrid products can be found in over 5,000 selected stores worldwide. Find them on Foursight shelves or on our site here:

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