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It's Alive! - Electric Eyewear

May 22, 2020

It's Alive! - Electric Eyewear
The ELECTRIC sunglass collection is created by founder and inspired eyewear designer Kip Arnette. Built on the proven strength of the brand’s California designed, hand crafted in Italy frames, ELECTRIC strikes that crucial balance between form and function. Defined by its volt logo, the ELECTRIC sunglass collection reflects the brands passion for purity in design and dedication to superior craftsmanship, craftsmanship shown with each frame Electric proudly produces. Still an independent company ELECTRIC holds true to its values and wants everyone to enjoy a quality pair of eyewear.
Kip Arnette created ELECTRIC in 2000. If the name “Arnette” sounds familiar you would be right by thinking that, Kip is part of the infamous Arnette family. Kip’s father (Greg) founded Arnette in 1991 and Kip was part of the original employee’s that helped start the company. Eventually Kip became a designer with his father and assisted in the design in Arnette’s most famous pieces the “Catfish” and the “Swinger.”
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ELECTRIC has deep roots in action sports, music, and fashion. Surf legend and 11 times world champion Kelly Slater is one of ELECTRIC’S many ambassadors. They have produced some of the most unique and innovative designs in the sunglass market. The brand offers both classic and fashionable sunglasses. Today ELECTRIC is a global leader in eyewear and operates as a stand-alone brand, with full support from its team, to maximize the full potential of ELECTRIC.
Along with style, durability and industry leading frame warranty, ELECTRIC has developed a lens technology integrated with artificial melanin. Melanin is a natural pigment which is found throughout the human body. Its role is to protect us against sunlight damage by filtering UV and Blue light. Melanin is the best natural defence against the harmful effects of the sun.
ELECTRIC’s melanin lenses act as a SPF 140 around your eyes and protects against aging lines. It improves clarity and maintains natural colour perception and prolongs your retinal health.
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ELECTRIC has chiseled a niche into our sunglass line up through outstanding quality, durability and styles that are easy to wear. Bang for buck… it’s hard to go wrong with ELECTRIC… especially for a frame made in Italy! ELECTRIC wants you to stay stylish and still have some money to get out and enjoy your eyewear. After all, sunglasses are an outward expression of who you are, and you still want to be able to get out and enjoy the lifestyle that surrounds you.
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