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Iconic - Ray-Ban

April 22, 2020

Iconic - Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban is an authentic, iconic, and timeless brand. Style, tradition, and freedom of expression are the key tenets supporting the philosophy of Ray-Ban. With their strong heritage and history, it’s no wonder they’re the most successful eyewear brand both worldwide and on Foursight shelves or our site here:

 With its roots in technological innovation, Ray-Ban stays on the forefront of optics, while also producing iconic, fashion-forward frames. When it comes to quality and style, they are often imitated, but are never duplicated

After being approached by Lieutenant General John McCready to create a pair of glasses to reduce nausea and headaches of pilots, Bausch & Lomb got to work formulating a pair of anti-glare, dark-lensed glasses. The original prototype featured dark green lenses and plastic frames before switching over to metal frames to improve durability. In 1937 the glasses were bestowed with the Ray-ban name casting a striking synonym for ‘anti-glare’. The style name nodded to its aviation roots, and thus, the iconic Ray-Ban Aviator was officially born. 

As the war waged on into the 1940s, improvements were made to the Aviator with the advent of gradient lenses. Gradient lenses add extra protection on top half, while leaving the lower half clear to maintain optimal vision of the instrument panel for pilots. Public style was heavily influenced by military style, which was inspired by the presumed glamourous lifestyle of military pilots making the Ray-Ban Aviator the perfect accessory.

Following a decade inspired by military, a more glamourous approach to style took hold in the 50s. The release of Ray-Ban’s “Wayfarer” in 1952 was one of the first acetate frames produced at that time. Ray-Ban took prominence in pop-culture, as this frame was seen on the faces of celebrities both in movies and in public. The Wayfarer soon became a Hollywood staple, earning serious icon status in 1955 when James Dean wore them in Rebel Without a Cause.

Ray-Ban continued to be worn by celebrities throughout the years. With smart product placement in many notable films, Ray-Ban continued to garner the attention of the general public. Tom Cruise is credited for bringing back both the Wayfarer and the Aviator in the 80’s after sporting the frames in Risky Business and Top Gun, giving a strong nod to their Hollywood and aviation roots, respectively.

Foursight is now offering one of Canada’s most comprehensive and exceptionally curated collection of iconic Ray-Ban frames. For over 75 years, Ray-Ban’s commitment to quality and technology has played an important role in establishing its legacy of authenticity. Ray-Ban has always offered technologically advanced lenses for protecting your eyes from UV radiation, and with technological advancements, they continue to innovate, paving the way for new sunglass trends. As Ray-Ban continues innovating legendary sunglasses, Foursight continues to curate the new classics, such as the Wayfarer-inspired Justin; the cool, retro Round; the oversized, rounded Erika; and the vintage-yet-modern Clubround.

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