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The Arctic Fox - Fjallraven

April 22, 2020

The Arctic Fox - Fjallraven

Fjallraven (F-yall-rah-ven) translates to “Arctic Fox” and couldn’t be more appropriately named given their heritage and the spirit of Fjallraven’s founder and creator Ake Nordin. This Swedish based company has evolved into more than just bags, they’ve become leaders in sustainable tech, and fashion pioneers.

Fjallraven was founded in 1960 by Ake Nordin; lover of the outdoors, he was a pioneer in hiking equipment in Sweden and subsequently throughout Europe. Ake, handmade his own backpack using his mother’s simple Singer sewing machine in the basement of his parent’s Swedish home. He grew tired of carrying around a cumbersome pack that constantly hurt his back while adventuring, so he took matters into his own hands. After researching the subject, he learned that a pack's weight should be positioned high and close to the wearer's spine. He began making a bag out of strong cotton material and fastened it to a wooden frame using leather straps with leather for the support straps. The frame distributed the load better across his back and increased the ventilation between him and the pack. In addition, he could carry a heavier pack. From the very first pack carefully crafted by Ake himself, Fjallraven was using only the finest materials known for durability. Ake wanted a bag he could trust, and Fjallraven holds true to this vision to this day.

Fjallraven respects the need for quality materials and workmanship but they also recognize some of these materials have to be sourced from animals. Fjallraven has pioneered the philosophy of ethically sourced materials not as a marketing gimmick as many do, but as holding true to the vision of adventuring and exploring their founder Ake Nordin painstakingly stitched into the first bag he made. Fjallraven proudly voices this on their website:

                                                                                                    Our Promises

To treat animals with respect and dignity

“We’ve chosen to use materials of animal origin – such as wool, down and leather – when no synthetic, man-made material can be used to offer the same functionality. But this doesn’t mean we support the mistreatment of animals or methods that hurt or cause undue suffering – quite the contrary.

Through our Code of Conduct, our suppliers must ensure their animals are treated humanely and we’re working hard to ensure full traceability in all our animal-product supply chains. We’ve already achieved this with our down, now we’re setting our sights on wool and leather.”

Full details on each process can be found on their website here:

The Fjallraven “Kanken” is Fjallraven’s best-selling bag, so be on the lookout for this iconic bag in Foursight stores and on our site:

The Kanken, was originally developed as a reaction to the increasing number of reports that Swedish school children were developing back problems from their more traditional bags. The lightweight and rectangular yet spacious backpack which was released in 1978 and was Fjallraven's attempt to solve this problem.  

By 2008 over three million Kanken daypacks had been produced with 200,000 being made each year. This is absolutely huge and evidence that the Kanken has become a staple in the fashion industry. The Kanken line up has expanded to include the Mini-Kanken with a capacity of 7 litres, for school children or as a small carry all and the Re-Kanken, made entirely of polyester from recycled plastic bottles. Kankens have a different logo to most other Fjallraven products, which are white, and pink as opposed to the usual light brown colour. Why not find out how many colours Foursight has to offer?

Global recognition of the arctic fox logo stemmed from a belief in craftsmanship and has transformed into a fashion accessory trusted for your day to day essentials. With an impressive color pallet and the Kanken being the first choice on adventures abroad or adventures in town; Fjallraven has found a natural home on Foursight shelves!

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